Ever started a new job and found yourself frantically trying to remember where teams and meeting rooms are minutes before a meeting?

This information is almost always held somewhere (usually the Facilities team), so with a little development and formalisation of the data, we can create a desktop app to save people time in finding where they’re supposed to be going.

We created a desktop app which enabled users to select/search from a list of teams which would display on a 3D map the exactly location of that team.

Features included:

  1. Floor visualiser to find teams in large offices
  2. Simplified smartphone app to search by person to give specific details of where they are based
  3. Linked in to Active Directory to allow both IT and users to manage their location

These sort of quick reference tools are particularly useful in continuing an effective on-boarding regime for new staff. Many organisations go to a lot of effort in inducting new staff (often 5-day induction courses), however as soon as they start their jobs that all stops. An effective induction portal on your intranet which is targeted at new staff for several months after they start can ensure you set the right impression and provide practical assistance in the often bewildering first period of starting a new job, when even finding out how to use the hot water dispenser can prove quite a challenge.