We offer a variety of training to professionals looking to increase their skills on specific software and applications.

Currently we offer structured training on the following:


Sharepoint 2013/2016/Online:

  • Introduction to Sharepoint (1 day): Learn what Sharepoint is, common applications and the basics of how Sharepoint is used.
  • Sharepoint Power User(2 days): Learn how to get more from Sharepoint and solve business challenges that actually make a difference.

Find out more detail on sharepoint training courses.

Adobe Photoshop

Learn how to create and edit graphics and images.

This course uses examples ALL from real-world scenarios that we’ve used over the last few years.


Learn how to take better photos which improve corporate communications and PR.

We have over 15 years experience in commercial photography and we understand what challenges photographers, content creators and marcomms professionals face in the real world.

Video editing

Learn how to edit video for marketing and communications purposes using industry-standard tools (Adobe Premiere Pro).

As well as learning the basics of video editing, we walk you through common scenarios and uses of video in internal and external communications to help you get the best out of video content.